Xiaomi/Redmi, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Lenovo, Motorola, LG, Vivo phones are fully compatible with Onespy. We also provide bilateral/two-sided audio recordings on Samsung Galaxy S8, S9 & other Android Phones with upto OS 8 or above. Remote installation service for Vivo phones now available.

WhatsApp Spy Software for Mobile Phone Spy Free

WhatsApp spy apps are especially designed software which let you spy WhatsApp chats with the click of a button. WhatsApp spy will enlighten you with immense phone tracking capabilities. You need to first install the application into the target smartphone, once you’ve done that, the application takes care of the rest. It records everything which is running on the smartphone in background and shares the same log over to your panel. Which means whatever a user is doing on its smartphone will be available to you with the help of a WhatsApp Spy software.
The best part is you don’t need to hack WhatsApp for doing it.

For initial setup, a Spy WhatsApp app takes approximately 5 minutes. Once the application gets installed, it tracks all what is running on the smartphone and diverts the same to your panel.
Your panel is a well customised, strategically designed platform that will give you all that you require about a smartphone. With the help of this panel, you as the parent user can also send special commands to the target phone to get something done specifically.

You can install a WhatsApp spy or WhatsApp tracker into any target phone of your choice. You can do it by taking the consent of the person.

Apart from the additional things which you can do with the help of a WhatsApp spy app or phone monitoring application, you should always try the significant benefits first which you get with the help of this spy application.

Spying on WhatsApp is the most important way to monitor a smartphone whether iPhone or Android. You can easily spy on a target device, but as you do make sure you follow the right steps.
Arming you with the all the essential tools, a WhatsApp Spy App will get all the task done in few seconds. In case you’re worried about the features that you’ll get with the phone spy application, you need not worry. Let me tell you the basic WhatsApp Spy features which you can get with a cell phone spy application, later on illuminating the rest and the most interesting features which you get

There are over 10 features which you consider before opting for a WhatsApp Spy Application.

  1. WhatsApp Chat conversation spy- Spying WhatsApp chats is the biggest advantage which you can get with the help of a WhatsApp Spy App. All the inbound and outbound chat messages shared with any user over WhatsApp will be shown on your control panel. You don’t need to sneak into the target device for check chats every now and then. You can do it any time of the day sitting at any place.
  2. WhatsApp Media- Files that are shared over WhatsApp are a brilliant tool in case you wish to know about a person or who the person is chatting with on this popular instant messenger. If you wish to spy WhatsApp, you can do it right away. Media files include videos, photos, Gif files, and a ton of other files that are shared over the instant messenger. Get full access to all photos and videos with the help of a WhatsApp Spy tracker.
  3. Phone Calls- You often talk to a number of people in a day just to communicate, however there are people whom you make private calls with as well. Wonder if an anonymous person gets access to it, what will happy? They will certainly know what you’re talking about even when they’ll have no idea about the person you’re talking to. With the help of a WhatsApp Spy software, you as a parent user can record all the phone calls made over the platform. A WhatsApp spy app operates in the background, it records all phone calls, and shares the recorded files on your control panel. Control panel is your dashboard where you can view all that the software tracks. The call recorder generally works in hidden mode, therefore you need not worry about the app operation ever.
  4. GPS Location Tracker- A GPS tracker device is already installed on your cell phone. That device functions to help you with accessing the live location of yourself or to check maps. It is often used as a navigator to guide you the distance and time for your journey. When used by a WhatsApp tracker online, the same device can be used to track your precise location sitting any place globally. Therefore, if you’re using the WhatsApp spy application on your personal device or your kids cell phone, it can help you find your child’s exact location. Even when you’re not around, you can do phone tracking anytime, anywhere. GPS location tracker is a great tool. You can set boundaries for your kids, if they ever cross those boundaries you can know where they are and keep them safeguarded all time.
  5. Instant messenger tracking- Just like WhatsApp is an instant messenger, there are a number of instant messengers as well which are used by kids and teenagers globally to communicate. Kid’s use the service to chat and speak with friend and families. With the help of a WhatsApp Spy software, all the instant messenger applications like Facebook, Hike, Instagram, Kik can be monitored. You’ll have ton of data to monitor, which you can use and track to make sure your kids are not falling into an online trap or an online scam. Instant messengers are undoubtedly superb, but the same are also used by online predators to find victims or prey.
  6. Spy contacts, Contact Name & Number- Phonebook or contacts in smartphones are a resource of all numbers and names saved on that phone. In case you wish to spy on a user, phonebook will help you read the names and numbers of the contacts which the user frequently speaks to. You can take a note of all these numbers and can then keep them secured at a safe spot. Apart from contact name, number, the additional details which the target user has saved on its phone will also be available to you. A WhatsApp Spy App or WhatsApp tracker application is therefore way ahead of everything that you could imagine in the world of spying. It will of great help to all the parents who wish to keep an eye on all the contacts which are saved on the phone. A WhatsApp Spy Application will monitor everything for you and get the task done anytime you want. Keep your family secure always and make sure that all is kept secured all time.
  7. Installed application data- Whether its playstore, App store or third-party source, there are a ton of source which are available online from which any user can download application. Although smartphones prompt you everytime you try installing application via the third-sources as they may contain malicious files, there are numerous ways to bypass it. In a similar manner, if its your kid, he/she can do the same and can download a malicious application into their device. Those apps often steal phone data and act as a backdoor for hackers to sneak peak into your cell phone. They can then do whatever they want with that data and can play against you.
  8. SMS Spy- All important user information is still transmitted over SMS text messages. Therefore, in case you get access to all messages on a cell phone with a WhatsApp Spy App, you’ll have far better idea about the user and whom he communicates with. You can read all text SMS whether incoming or outgoing instantly if you use the best Spy Application for WhatsApp named ONESPY.
  9. Multimedia Tracking- Images, Videos, Mp3 and other multimedia files are great to spy on a user’s cell phone. Amongst the other, ONESPY phone spy application specifically gives you access to all of this phone data in a jiffy.
  10. Track data usage- Parent user can instantly get details of all website history of their kids on every smart device which they surf the internet on. As a parent, can also check their internet usage and browsing history using the control panel provided by the WhatsApp Spy application. Even if your child is using multiple browser, their activities can be tracked with the click of a button

Questions that frequently asked by users who wish to install a WhatsApp Spy App.

1.Can I track WhatsApp Messages remotely?

Yes, you can track WhatsApp messages sitting at a distant place. You only have to send a link and get the application installed. In any case, its always advisable to have the device in hand for a better installation experience and application understanding.

2. Which devices are supported by a WhatsApp tracker application?

WhatsApp spy application can be used on any type of smartphone. It doesn’t matter the brand that they come from. So, if you’re wishing to install the WhatsApp spy application on your kid’s android phone, you can do it tirelessly. And the same can be done with iOS phones and computers.

3. How can I spy WhatsApp conversations?

Any user who’s installing a WhatsApp spy software into a smartphone can use the application to spy on WhatsApp conversations as well. WhatsApp spy app is a great tool which all of you can use, therefore never worry whether they are chats, media files or user info, all of it will be available to use within a few clicks. In case you make you mind and finally choose to opt for the highest-grade Phone spy application, we would recommend you ONESPY, due to the number of features that it offers and the affordable price tag which the application comes at.