Xiaomi/Redmi, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Lenovo, Motorola, LG, Vivo phones are fully compatible with Onespy. We also provide two-sided audio recordings on Samsung Galaxy S8, S9 & other Android Phones with upto OS 8 or above. Remote installation service for Vivo phones now available.

Why Onespy?

ONESPY is the most popular and legitimate mobile spy app solution

  • Hidden App- No Icon, No Notification
  • 5-Minute Installation
  • Unique Chat, Email & Phone Support
  • India Based and Physically Approachable
  • Authorized Seller & Tax-paid Invoices

Why choose Onespy, not others?

It may become a tiring task for you to choose the right mobile spy app. Since there are a number of hidden spy apps available in the market. But here are some factors which you shall consider before settling down your choice to ONESPY.

How ONESPY is a unique choice?

ONESPY is the most popular and legitimate mobile spy app solution. It’s an android spy app developed in India and offers 30+ features including hidden call recording, GPS location tracking, Social Media monitoring and more.

This hidden spy app comes with bank-level encryption for 100% data security. With your password, only you can open your control panel, no other person, including our support team can access it.

Call Recordings

We offer both side call recordings with high-quality audio. Call recording are compressed and consume lesser internet data i.e. upto 1-hour recording in 5MB files.

100% Undeletable

We have ultra which is undeletable and cannot be removed even after phone reset.

All WhatsApp Chats- Both sides

ONESPY delivers every single chat message shared on WhatsApp Messenger flawlessly.

Phone, Call & Chat Support

You can speak to our technical team over phone call, chat or email for any support after the purchase.

India Based & Physically Accessible

You can physically approach ONESPY office which is located in India. The address details are available on “Contact Us” page.

Authorized Seller, Tax-Paid Invoices

We offer you legitimate invoices inclusive of all taxes as per state & country laws.

No Free Trial

There are server costs, encryption costs & service costs like all the other companies which we have to pay, this is why we don’t offer free trial.


No Call Recordings

Others don’t offer this feature. Even if they do, only one side audio get recorded. High data consumption, slow downloads and less playback time in single file.

No undeletable option

No other company offers you a 100% undeletable app in the market.

No WhatsApp chats or One Person Chat

You may get this features from others but either they offer one side chats or chats with message repetition.

Only Email Support

The technical support provided by the others only offers you Email support or in some rare cases chat support, but no phone support is available at all.

Anonymous & No Verified Identity

They don’t provide their geo-location on their website, you can never visit them.

No Legal Existence & Unspecified Identity

No billing, no details given on website. Most of them are possibly fraudulent.

Free Trial = Scam

Your data is sensitive to you and your family, they need to sell it run the daily expenses of their company. All the free trial which you see is nothing but a scam.

Get to know the real story behind FREE trials. What happens even if you BUY?

The FREE Trial Scam

Have you ever thought how do these cheap websites maintain their servers costs if you do not buy their services? And what if you buy their service for a price less than for a cup of tea?

Your emails, contacts, photos etc. they use everything out of it they could to sell it for stuff like marketing & other that makes money for them. Even if you continue your trial & make a payment, your saved card details which may turn into Credit-Card Frauds to fund their expenses.

Note: Onespy never asks or stores your card, we simply redirect you to a website owned by a name you trust i.e., State Bank of India where you proceed with your card details.

Difference between Us & Others can be simplified to that between Developers & Agents

How to differentiate yourself?

Let's start with an example. If you visit a branded store to buy some healthy food product or a pack of beverages and walk out with something with an inferior packaging with an unfamiliar product inside, then you’re surely not a smart buyer at all. It concludes that you were cheated.

Similarly in case of such fraudulent agent-website(s), you see software(s) on www.abc.com, pay on www.xyz.com & finally login on www.zxc.com. Which means that you did not buy a legitimate software from an original vendor & by doing this, you just made 2-3 or sometimes even more people view your child's personal data and daily activities apart with yourself. There is no verified entity, no privacy policies, no legal existences for most of these website(s). In some cases they also sell the data monitored to the some of the inappropriate websites.

What makes us unique?