Xiaomi/Redmi, Samsung, HTC, Sony, Lenovo, Motorola, LG, Vivo phones are fully compatible with Onespy. We provide audio from both sides in call recordings on Samsung Galaxy S8, Galaxy S9 and other android devices with upto OS 8 and above.

Why Onespy?

ONESPY is the most popular and legitimate mobile spy app solution

  • Hidden software, totally inconspicuous
  • Easy and quick installation process
  • Reliable chat, e-mail and on call support
  • Legitimate company, verified product

Factors That Make ONESPY A Smart Purchase

Whenever you buy a product, it is important to analyse the pros and cons of the same, to compare it with similar products by other companies. Having a thorough knowledge of all the features of any product that you want to buy is only going to assist you in deciding the best for yourself.

Here is a list of factors that will help you understand why ONESPY is going to serve you in the best possible manner-

 1  Call Recordings

Most of the companies that make phone monitoring products have the call-recording service as a feature. However, it is quite common for these companies to provide call-recordings that aren’t just incomplete but also incomprehensible because of the poor sound quality.

ONESPY provides you call-recordings that are double-sided, which means you can listen to both sides of the conversation. Furthermore, the audio quality is excellent and easy to download as it consumes less data.

 2  Permanent Software

The ‘Ultra-package’ of ONESPY is a stubborn package that will not be deleted from the target device no matter what. Spy apps are always under the risk of being accidentally removed when changes are made to the phone. ONESPY will keep gathering information and delivering it to you even if the device is being manually reset multiple times.

 3  Stealth Mode

One of the many important advantages of using ONESPY is that once the installation process is completed, ONESPY will automatically hide itself. The target device user will not get any notifications or signs that will reveal to them the presence of a spy app on their device.

 4  Quick Installation

It is quite easy to download and install the ONESPY app. It takes barely 5 minutes for a person to complete the installation process. ONESPY team will give you a step-by-step guide to make things easier.

 5  Privacy Prioritised

Unlike some similar cell phone tracking apps that leak your private information with the pretext of a free trial, ONESPY keeps your data safe. It is our policy to make the data exclusively available to the respective clients only

 6  Excellent Post Purchase Service

After you have purchased a suitable ONESPY package, you will get round-the-clock help over various platforms like chat messages, e-mails and phone calls. Our customer-care team will resolve any queries or issues that you face in a quick and efficient manner

 7  Legitimate Company, Authorised Seller

ONESPY is an authorised company and has been in the market for over a decade. All the transaction methods are completely secure. Invoices of each and every transaction you make with ONESPY will be made available in soft and hard copy. The invoices will be inclusive of taxes. ONESPY is a reliable company with an efficient and advanced product. Customer satisfaction is our highest priority!

There are quite a lot of cell phone monitoring applications that you will come across. Narrowing it down to a company that won’t rip you off and serve you in the best possible manner can be a cumbersome task. That is why we’ve accumulated some factors that show how ONESPY is the most reliable phone monitoring application.

You are free to compare and contrast our product with other products that claim to be just as good. ONESPY has a customer base of more than 500 thousand users that are quite satisfied with their purchase and have no complaints. It would be an honour to serve any new and potential customers just as we have served the existing ones.

We wish you the best of luck and sincerely hope that you will put your faith in us and provide us with the opportunity to serve you.