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Family Tracking

Track your loved one’s live cell phone activities sitting remotely.

Ensure a Safe and Healthy Environment for Your Kids

ONESPY android phonemonitor app is a reliable tool that will assist you in making sure that your minor children do not jeopardise their life or health over various social media websites that are full of suspicious and shady people. It is a known fact that teenagers invest a lot of time on the internet. With ONESPY you can ensure that this time is being used in a productive manner.

The internet is a vast platform with as many drawbacks as advantages. With ONESPY you can monitor the activity of your kids and loved ones online. This will indelibly lend you a helping hand in analysing the pros and cons of your teens spending time on the internet and steering them towards the path that is best of them.

Track the Live Location of Kids With Ease

The live GPS tracker feature of ONESPY constantly collects precise location data from the childs device and presents it on your ONESPY dashboard/panel. With an active internet connection you can easily track down the location of your young family members. This can be an immensely important assistance in case of an emergency or an accident.



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