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Refund Policy

This Refund Policy constitutes mandatory part of our License with you, thus, you are advised to read the same thoroughly prior to downloading or installing the Onespy software. The act of mere downloading or installing the software shall without any further act or deed mean that you/user have/has consented and agreed to adhere to the terms of this Refund Policy and the same shall be binding on you. If you/user have/has any reservations qua the present License and/or do not accept the terms of the presence license/policy, you shall not download or install the software. This policy is a legal and binding document being part of License between you and Onespy for all your activities on Onespy website including downloading, installing or using the software. By the very act of downloading, installing, or using or making use of the software, in any manner whatsoever, you admit yourself to the terms of this Refund Policy.

If you have already subscribed and installed the software on an incompatible brand/model of the phone, you may opt for free phone change and install on a compatible phone as many as times you want. In the period while you may switch phone, you license expiry shall not be affected will be continued from the date of final installation. Refunds will not be provided.


Claim of Refund shall be subject to the satisfaction of Onespy regarding any functionality not working properly in the manner demonstrated on Onespy takes no responsibility to provide any functionality which is absent or not shown on its website and any claim for refund for the same shall not be entertained.

You shall fully satisfy yourself before downloading or installing our software in respect to the compatibility of phone on which the software is installed, as Onespy neither recommends nor does it takes any responsibility for the same. Since, the software is phone specific (i.e. one software one phone), no claim for refund shall be entertained in this regard.

Claim of Refund shall be subject to the satisfaction of Onespy regarding technical fault in any functionality of its software. Claims regarding unseemly voice recordings will not be entertained as the same is because of problem(s) faced by system and mobile network(s).

Subject to the above said, in case you have technical issues with the Software, relating to non performance of any functionality, the technical team of Onespy shall endeavor to make good the same. In case of failure to overcome the said non-performance, you may be eligible for a full refund in accordance with Refund Policy mentioned below. We have experienced, claims for refund being happily withdrawn after receiving our technical help.

Conditions for Refund

No refund can be issued to a user/licensee of software in case the reasons for a refund are completely beyond Onespy control. They include, but are not limited to:

  1. No refund request will be entertained after 7 days of purchase.
  2. The claim for refund may apply only to the primary (or First) Onespy subscription.
  3. Your refund may be issued only once. If you buy another Onespy subscription or renew your current license, it will not be subject to refund request.
  4. As it is clearly mentioned on the compatibility page, we only support Android device. Hence, No refund will be provided in case you are not able to install Onespy app on any other operating system apart from Android.
  5. Request made by any person(s), other than the user. (User here means a person who has paid license fees and installed the software).
  6. Since, all the software/bouquet of Onespy is different from the other, Onespy shall not entertain any request for change of software/bouquet.
  7. No refund will be entertained in case of carelessness on the part of the user in maintaining his password, which may lead to inconvenience.
  8. If the case relates to point 6 above, on the written request by the user Onespy shall endeavor to provide alternate password after thorough verification. Apart from providing alternate password, Onespy shall not be liable for refund or any other claim, whatsoever.
  9. In case if the phone has lost connection with Onespy software due to accidental deletion, reset of phone, internet failure etc., Onespy on written request from the user (subject to other applicable provisions) shall endeavor to reinstall the same software licensed by it for the remaining period. Apart from reinstalling the software licensed for the remaining period, Onespy shall not entertain any refund including the period lost towards re-installation.
  10. The use of the phone for illegal purpose(s) or in contravention to the terms and conditions of any of the agreements related to license of software.
  11. No request for refund shall be entertained for reasons which are not directly attributable to Onespy including but not limited to loss of phone, loss of internet connection, problem related to mobile services, temporary or permanent disconnection of mobile services, change of phone set, change of operating system of the concerned phone, resetting of factory setting, failure to accept assistance provided by Onespy, failure to follow installation guidelines, direction/order(s) of any court/authority confiscating the phone, misuse of phone, etc.
  12. ONESPY is compatible with the major phone brands listed on the compatibility page. Since phone manufacturers launch smartphones frequently, its non-viable for us to test every other device. Hence it’s the responsibility of the buyer to verify the application compatibility with their childs device before making the purchase. No refund shall be entertained to users who purchase the application for a smartphone from any other company like Oppo and Realme. However, by chance if you purchase ONESPY for an incompatible smartphone, we can only pause your subscription till the time you get a compatible device.
  13. No refund will be issued in case of personal reasons like (I’ve changed my mind, I’ve made a purchase by mistake, Software was not used, etc.)
  14. In case, the childs device is not accessible to you in that case refund will not be provided.
  15. Call Recording: Please read below carefully for call recording issues.

Call Recording

Call recording is 1 out of 30+ features offered by Onespy and this feature is not subjected to refund. With our decade of experience, we find that there are millions of android phones of different brands in the world out of which almost more than 90% phones are compatible with Onespy.

If you have purchased ALL-IN-ONE package and you are not getting any call recording properly then Please go ahead with the below options to get it done.

1. You can initiate a live chat from our website and ask any representative to do the necessary changes in the call recording settings.

2. If you find that the call recording is still not reflecting on the dashboard then you have to enable the In-built call recorder into the childs phone so that the same files will be reflected on the dashboard.

3. In case you don't have an Inbuilt call recorder in the childs phone, You may go ahead and find a reliable call recorder app from Google Play.

After opting in above three options, if still the call recording is not working then it’s not the Application failure however, it’s the Android (childs phone) limitation which is clearly mentioned on the Google Support page that APIs which enable call recording are being slowly deprecated and removed since several Android versions, to ensure user privacy and security, and also because call recording laws are so varied across regions that it becomes difficult to map all of it out. For more information please visit the Google android support page.

Refund Procedure

You are required to create a ticket from your Dashboard. After receiving your request, we will investigate and the decision shall be made up to 15 business days. In case of the refund so granted, you shall be liable for 20% deduction from the refunded amount, which shall be utilized towards payment of fees charged by banks/payment processing companies and other administrative costs.

Note: We do not accept refund requests made via Live Chat.


This application is strictly meant for kids and employee monitoring purpose only. If you wish to monitor a phone, you must have consent to do so or the device user must be aware about it. If it is found out that the application was installed without the knowledge or consent on a person's phone, we will immediately stop the services and the user of the application shall not be eligible for a refund in such a case.



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